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Sponsors of Columbia Dogs on the Go get many great benefits–-and at a very low cost!

Our Columbia Dogs on the Go Meetup group alone now has more than 1000 active dog lovers from not only Columbia, but also Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis, Virginia, and surrounding counties.

Sponsor us now and we will:

  1. Rotate your banner ad* randomly throughout all the content pages of this website and the Columbia Dog Talk blog.
  2. List your company’s name, link and description on all pages of our Columbia Dogs on the Go Meetup site and your company’s name on outgoing Meetup announcements.
  3. Post your events on our Calendar. (We’ll add a direct feed of your calendar if you have one).
  4. Share your promotional materials, coupons and/or samples at a Meetup event (at least once per year while sponsoring us).
  5. Acknowledge your sponsorship in our email newsletters.
  6. Invite you to contribute items for door prizes or contests.
  7. Include your blog (if you have one) in our Dog News section, and invite you to be a guest blogger on Columbia Dog Talk.

We are actively promoting the Columbia Dogs on the Go website on our Meetup site, blog and Facebook; through emails and newsletters; and through printed materials that we’ll distribute locally.

* Contact us if you need help getting a 125x125 banner ad.

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